About Me……Shelley Skele

sunshine coast photographerMy name is Shelley and I am the person behind the camera at Little Lotus Photography.

I am a Mum to my three beautiful babes who won’t stop growing before my eyes.  I cry at night because the time has gone so quickly and I love to reminisce about times gone by.

I am married to the most amazing man and can’t imagine doing life with anybody else.

I love to travel…..I daydream a lot…….I am a coffee drinker……I LOVE light and have been known to detour during car rides chasing the sunset or some amazing light, much to my kids delight hahaha.  I am a stay at home, snuggled on the couch kind of person.  If I can’t be overseas then at home with my family is my favourite place to me…listening to my little chooks chatting in the backyard and my kids fighting hahahaha.

I appreciate life and try not to take a day for granted (although sometimes in the chaos of life I do).  Capturing photos for me is about preserving this time, NOW.  So that in the future your family will have these memories to look back on.  Get in the photos with your kids.  EXIST.  You will never regret being in that photo and when it’s all said and done and photos are all that’s left,  your kids will be glad you did.

Little lotus photography

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